Update August 2020

To give a glimpse into the progress of my layout, I want to keep you monthly informed about the developments of ‘smallworld_h0’. The month of August I bought a lot of new stuff and materials, which allowed me to make real progress with my layout.

Purchased products/materials
– Noch Grasmaster 3.0 Profi
– Grass from Noch / Silhouette
– Various scenery products from Lars op ‘t Hof and Martin Welberg
– Two trees from MBR- Locomotive BR112
– Cristoforus Express carriages
– Switching decoders

The grass
I had been waiting for a while for the new ‘Grassmaster 3.0 Profi’ from Noch to be released. Before I received this I have already viewed several tutorials about making grass. On my layout I smeared the crepe paper on the mountain with Sculptamuld and then, after the sculpture had hardened, I painted it in a brown color. After painting I sprinkled sand on the mountain. I took this sand from the garden and first baked it in the oven and sieved it so that any pests would be out. With that, the surface for making grass was ready.

When I received the grassmaster I first started testing on a small piece of surface separate from my layout. I also ordered various types and colors of grass from Noch and Silhouette so that I could make combinations and got the right colors. When I tried a number of options, I started with the grass on my layout. A little frightening with the idea that it might not go well, but I am very satisfied with the result! I can definitely recommend the Noch grass master. It works easily and gives good results. The only thing I miss when making the grass is a small dosing sieve. This allows you to more accurately spread your grass on the small spots.

Detail finishing
After applying the grass to a part of the layout I finished several details. On the mountain at Erbach station I built a walking path and a road, fences have been placed, some trees from MBR have been placed and the hikers can have a drink on top of the mountain.

Switching decoders
Now that part of the layout is roughly ready, it is time to do some further detail finishing. A number of additional signals will be installed on the other side of the track. This requires new switching decoders. I have connected these switch decoders so that I can add some extra signals next month.

Connecting the switching decoders

I hope you enjoy reading an update from me every now and then and look forward to seeing you here again next month!

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