Update September/October 2020

As I told you before I want to give you a glimpse into the progress of my layout. I want to keep you monthly informed about the developments of ‘smallworld_h0’. Because the progression has been moved a bit over two months due to holidays etc. I am now updating you about September and October.

Purchased products/materials
– Guest House Edelweiss
– Holiday Farm ‘Linder’
– Great Estate ‘Franz Fuhrmann & Co’
– Car system start-set Faller
– A few signals
– Two types of container carrier wagons
– A sliding wall wagon

September 2020 started with a week’s holiday in the Vosges/Alsace in France. In advance I had thought to use this week to visit the Hauser-Buhler wine farm in Kaiserstuhl, in the south of Germany. This wine farm is one of the laser-cut buildings of Noch that will be placed on my track and a wine farm that actually exists. Upon arrival, I recognized the wine farm immediately. The farm really looks a lot like the laser-cut building of Noch. I told the owner about my layout and their building and showed some pictures. She was also very enthusiastic because of course I had passed by especially for this. After buying some wine at the winery we drove further home.

More details
After my vacation I added some more details about the entire layout. For example, I finished the grass further at the front of the layout. I also made the riverbed here, so that I can soon start with the real work: making the river. In addition I also placed signals in a number of places where these were still missing and made them work.

Built some laser-cut kits from Noch
To be able to continue with my layout, I purchased three lasercut buildings from Noch. I bought a Guesthouse, a holiday farm and a great estate. By purchasing it now I can place it on my layout and determine the further heights of the mountain landscape.

Car system start-set Faller
The last product I bought this month is the car system start-set from Faller. I am very satisfied with this purchase and I am curious how it will work on the layout. I have chosen to make the road near the lasercut buildings of Noch that I just mentioned to you. In this way it is possible that a tractor will soon also drive over the road to the farm.

This was the progression over the past two months. Are you interested in other topics or are you curious about how something is made? Let me know and I can include this in the next post.

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